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sound artist
music producer
audiovisual composer
"DAWRA is my choreography masters degree dance-performance and I was incredibly lucky to work with a talented soul and a beautiful human Natalia Wójcik aka FREMEN who created the soundscape of my dreams to the choreography."

Kirsi Mari Lepik



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FREMEN is an alias of a Polish sound artist, electronic music producer and an audiovisual composer Natalia Wójcik, who for the past five years have been based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Electronic and experimental music are the focal point of the artist's activity, although she is far from limiting her creative pursuits to a specific genre.

FREMEN firmly believes in the power that music yields on one's spirit and psyche. Her mission as an artist is to tap into the human souls, break the ego blocks and reach their cores.

Under her other alias, Żeńska Forma, she has been the curator and organizer of Silence, Silent Cinema Soundscapes, a cyclical event featuring screenings of silent cinema masterpieces and live music accompaniment provided by contemporary musicians. For Silence, Silent Cinema Soundscapes Żeńska Forma is also a performing artist, who provides the music score for silent movies






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